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Transfac Capital Financing is a business finance company that provides merchant cash advance and account receivables factoring services.


We are passionate about helping people grow their businesses. One of the tools you need to grow is money. Healthy levels of consistent cash flow and working capital. Invoice Factoring for B2B companies is a business finance tool that can be used over the short or long term to provide needed working capital or a more consistent cash flow to help you meet payroll and other business operating needs.

B2B Account Receivables Factoring

You can find out more about Account Receivables Factoring on our website, where you can also request more information, connect with a Transfac Capital representative or even apply online to begin factoring invoices with us. Businesses that might be good candidates for invoice factoring include business-to-business product or service providers who have to wait for payment of account receivable invoices in order to reinvest in their business, take on new clients or take advantage of opportunities to grow when they arise.

Transfac Capital’s Blog features articles and tips to help business owners facing financial challenges in their businesses and also features articles and other content that can help you with growing a business.  We hope that you find resources and ideas here to help you grow your business, and if you have any questions or concerns please fill free to contact us at 888-222-2840 or email us at info@transfaccapital.com.


Every business owner experiences a need for additional financing during various stages of their company’s growth & expansion. Whether it’s to purchase additional equipment, more inventory, to hire additional staff, increase marketing, or to invest in new research and development. Working Capital is always needed.

Working Capital is a must, and without it, a business simply cannot survive. Today, many business owners benefit by using B2B financing. Gone are the days when one can simply walk into a bank, and get a traditional loan or traditional line of credit. Traditional banks have heavier and many more restriction’s then they used to.

The good news is Transfac Capital B2B financing is alive and well, with more and more programs coming into the mix. But before exploring the latest programs, a business owner should always take advantage of one of the largest sources of capital available: B2B financing, also known as invoice financing or invoice factoring.

Business to business financing is an excellent source of financing for a business. It’s no surprise why more & more companies are using B2B financing also known as Invoice Factoring.

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Our client base ranges from start-ups to established companies with up to $50 million in annual sales. Our leading industries include:

  • B2B Oilfield Services Companies
  • B2B Trucking Companies
  • B2B Staffing Agencies
  • B2B Manufacturing
  • B2B Owner Operators


What Makes Us Different?

A Simple and Professional Approach to B2B Financing:

  • Simplest Rate Structure in the Industry
  • Immediate Response
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • We Located Throughout the U.S., Salt Lake City (HQ), Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Ohio, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, St Louis and many more.


Transfac Capital’s (AR Funding) offers invoice financing too small to medium size companies that can’t wait 30 to 90 days for clients to honor their payment obligations. Our client base ranges from start-ups to established companies with up to $50 million in annual sales.

Start B2B Invoice Factoring

If you have a growing, successful company with an acute need for cash flow, we’re ready to begin invoice factoring that will move your company forward. Get going by downloading and submitting the application below. We will quickly respond with service you can depend on.
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We look for companies that need working capital for growth. Some have a limited track record, some have a recent history of unprofitable operations, and others just don’t meet the lending criteria of traditional banks.  To find out more about B2B Invoice Financing, B2B Financing, B2B AR Funding, B2B Invoice Factoring, Freight Bill Financing or if you have any questions please contact us at (800)458-6056 or Click Here To Email Us


B2B AR Funding vs. Your Bank

We look at the quality of your receivables and your potential for sustained growth, not your assets and net worth. Because we finance your receivables, you give up no equity, create no new debt and have no loan payment. Instead, you eliminate long billing cycles and get accelerated cash flow to grow your business.


Why Should You Partner With Transfac Capital B2B Invoice Financing

Though our financing solutions are simple and straightforward, the benefits of utilizing them are extraordinary. By partnering with Transfac Capital’s B2B Financing, your business will experience unlimited potential through:

B2B Improved Cash Flow

Because we issue funds to you as soon as you generate a new invoice (called invoice factoring), you’ll have quick access to the steady cash you need to grow your business. No more waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for clients to honor their payment obligations

B2B Freedom

With our accounts receivable funding and customer service orientated Accounts Receivables, you’ll be free to focus on the day-to-day operations so vital to your company’s well being. You’ll also enjoy the freedom of planning for the future of your company instead of fretting over the present.